K.C. Vinyl DJs Has The Most Fresh Dance Music

Kansas City Vinyl DJs - The College School Dance Sound

DJ Clint was the DJ for an amazing party for the Rockhurst College Greek Societies yearly dance. It was an amazing night of music selection and mixing that kept the dance floor full for the whole evening. Everyone had a great time. From this gig I have the President of the Greek Socities as a college dance DJ reference.

DJ Clint also mixed the Freshman Dance for the Kansas City Art Institute for 4 years, and has a great DJ reference for those nights of vinyl madness and badness.

Club music and dance remixes will be the focus, with pop, rock and country thrown in between mixes. I have TONS of current music which no other djs in KC have outside the club scene. Let me know if this is how you want your College Dance DJ to rock your party.

Kansas City Elementary School DJ

K.C. Vinyl DJs has mixed music for the Westwood Elementary School Fall Carnival for 4 years now. We have a relationship with the Westwood Homes Association now to DJ their gatherings after a successful fall festival. An Elementary School DJ reference is available from this wonderful group of administrators and parents from the PTA. I end up catching up with some of the adults every year as their kids grow. I understand what their musical tastes are, and call out special songs that I play which they should be interested in. I also purchase a stack of albums before each gig representing hundreds of tracks that are centered around very young children that is enjoyable and entertaining. Additionally, the request sheet gets taken home and the tracks purchased every time, so my collection has all the popular artists for the next gig.

Kansas City High School Dance DJ

K.C. Vinyl DJs is focusing on College School Dance Gigs where the crowd is made up of adults. DJs Clint, Brad and Derek do not wish to be put out on the floor with 500 kids who want to hear Booty Dew and other graphic songs the School Administration forbids. We were recently told songs with a blanked out word were unacceptable because it implied the usage. Any high school gigs taken will be under a 'No Student Requests' policy for this reason, and we cannot guarantee 100% clean lyrics with how songs are written today. We have a collection of clean mixes from the DJ promotion subscriptions we have that are cleaned up to radio standards. Please understand our dilema. We have performed at various High Schools throughout Kansas City and had amazing evenings, but the kids at some schools are out of control.